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We have been enjoying having our three granddaughters with us for the past two weeks and along the way I’ve snapped some precious pictures to enjoy with my memories.  A few I will share are these:

IMG_1320A misty day as they were SO busy using their imaginations across the lane on our extended property.  I don’t know for sure what they were playing, but they were picking wild raspberries and wild strawberries and sipping the honeysuckle, and then periodically they’d walk the perimeter of our property (inside the wood-line) arm in arm chatting away.  I watched them but stayed out of sight most of the afternoon.  Eventually they created a ‘house’ in the swing shed (an old shed that we have emptied and outfitted with an old porch swing from the rafters) and made ‘raspberry soup’ out of the raspberries, spearmint and water from our old pitcher pump out back.  They have had SO much fun this week.


Saying ‘Good night’ to Mommy and Daddy who are traveling in Greece (and currently on their way home).  All three were sending kisses, but still loving their ‘snuggly little beds at Grandpa and Grandma’s!  I’m SO glad they love it here!

IMG_6364Nothing like some big sister time while Naomi is napping.  They’ve been reading Pilgrim’s Progress (children’s version) together this week.  They are getting a sneek peek to be ahead of Grandpa.  They are loving this!

IMG_9425Our little gnome, N’omi (supposed to be Naomi, but Grandma cheats a bit) has finally made her peace with the family doggie and vice versa.  They have been enjoying a LOT of loving time this week!

IMG_2773This morning found them busy with leggos.  They played for a very long time (actually all morning) and were so very creative.  I LOVE listening to the chatter and laughter and imaginations.  I will enjoy resting up a bit in the next few days, but then will come the emptiness of knowing they’ve gone home.  I’ve become a bit jealous of my best friend who lives in a parent’s apartment on the side of her daughter’s house.  Her grandchildren run in and out all day.  What a precious gift they are, and I’m admittedly a bit tired, but I love having our grandchildren for extended visits without their parents!  What fun we have!!!  There’s just nothing like it!


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