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Little Girl Fun

I am having SO much fun!  Our youngest son and his wife have blessed our family with the first girl in the family.  And God has been very gracious to me in that she is totally and completely ALL girl!  She is 17 months old now and is personality plus.

A few weeks ago, Luke and Elizabeth asked if we would keep Audrey for a few days because Elizabeth needed time to spread things out for her girls’ club (from their church) that she heads up and to do the preparation for the fall session.  However, it was at a time when I couldn’t do it.  I was broken-hearted that I couldn’t, even though I knew her mother would do it gladly.  I just hated missing the opportunity.  But Luke and Elizabeth (bless their very generous hearts) said that we could do it some other time even if it wasn’t a time they needed the break.

And so…this was the week we all selected.  We picked Audrey up on Sunday afternoon and have been having more fun than I ever could have imagined!

Audrey loves anything maternal or girlish.  When I put on makeup, she watches in awe and then reaches her face toward me to get some too.  I dab just a bit on her face and rub it around (and mostly back off) and she holds so still and grins from ear to ear.  And she must have some of whatever I do to my face.  It is so cute to watch her smack her lips when I touch the lip moisturizer to her lips.  And when I brush or blow-dry my hair, of course she must have her own brush and I must blow hers too.  What a little lady!

Knowing she was coming, last week I went to a store to find doll bottles which she loves.  I couldn’t find bottles alone, so I bought a small doll that came with its own bottle.  While I was there I found a cute little plastic tea set.  This little princess has stirred and poured and sampled and stirred some more—ever since we opened the box.  She put the teddy bears on seats around the coffee table, and she has her own wee chair that she pulls up to the table as well and she has played by the hour—‘cooking’ and ‘stirring’ and ‘serving’.

Watching her, I remember my own childhood and the way I loved my doll babies from my earliest memories.  I remember feeling that they were my children and how I loved pretending I was keeping house!  I played dolls until my 16th birthday when I was playing on the front porch (contrary to my older sister’s advice).  Nancy had planned a surprise birthday party for me and had to sneak all my friends AND my boyfriend in past me—playing dolls at the ripe age of 16!  I was mortified!  But I guess that’s what it took to make me finally grow up.

From that day on I yearned for my own real live babies.  And God did answer that prayer.  He gave me two wonderful sons that I enjoyed more than I ever could have imagined.  And now I watch this tiny creature who is so very much like me in personality (even though she looks like her handsome grandpa) and I realize that I still have not outgrown playing with dolls.  I’ll take every one my children want to give me!

And do you know what?  I really don’t care anymore WHO comes in and catches me playing dolls!  There’s nothing quite like it!


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Autumn Days

Oh, how I love the change of seasons.  Each season that comes I suddenly think that it is my favorite.  Could it simply be that I am weary of the waning one?

As I sit here looking out my window at the leaves beginning to litter the ground I hear the call of the crows that come with autumn and I can’t help thinking of the changing seasons and the way my very being welcomes the change.  I’m weary of the hot, dry days, the mowing and deadheading and constant yard work and I feel myself looking forward with eagerness to the shorter days and longer nights to rest these weary bones.

As I think of the crisp fall days with leaves crunching underfoot and breezes adding a bit of chill to the air I eagerly anticipate fresh cider and crunchy apples, pumpkin pie and the glow of candles that I light around the house in the early dusk.

The mums are blooming and the gardens are taking on the look of autumn.  I have brought out the fall flags for in the gardens and I’m sensing that need to hibernate and rest.

I’ve also been made very aware lately, of the changing seasons of life.  Last week I went to Indiana to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday with our family, and as I sat in my niece’s glorious back yard watching the generations of a family, I became achingly aware that I’m no longer of the younger generation.  I watched my mother as she watched four generations of her family playing together and talking together and loving together and I can’t help thinking how very many days and years have passed for her.  She is well into the ‘winter’ season of her life now.  And, unlike the seasons, we don’t start over with spring after winter.

And so, as I watched the seasons represented there, I must acknowledge the fact that I am in the autumn season of my life.  We never know for sure how many days we’ll be given, but for one thing I’m thankful.  God has guided me through the spring and summer seasons, and has drawn me ever closer to Himself with each new season.  There is no fear for the winter as I see it drawing near, for I hold His hand tightly and I know He will guide me through whatever is before me.

And for now…I think I’ll grab a sweater and close some windows, light a candle or two and snuggle down with some hot chocolate and a jigsaw puzzle.  What a blessed season of rest!

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