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As I sit toP1010915 write this little essay, I find myself being very hesitant to make myself this vulnerable.  But the Lord has been nudging me for a couple of weeks now and I have put it off for one reason or another and finally admit I will have no peace until it is said.  So if you’ll bear with me, I’d like to share my opinion—on the ‘Christmas Season issue’.

To me, Christmas is the MOST glorioP1010913us season and holiday of the whole year!  Yes, Easter is blessed and holy also, but none is as glorious as the birthday of our Savior and Lord.  Yes, I know that many people have exploited the Holy Day by encouraging us to change it into a Santa holiday, but…it’s our own choice to make it what WE want it to be.  I personally have never seen how Santa fits into it at P1010912all, so that little myth has no place in our family’s celebrations.  In fact, when our oldest son was a small child a lady pointed to a Santa figurine and said, “Look, Nathan!  Who’s that?”  My small son looked at the funny plump fellow in his furry red suit a bit, then looked at me and said, ‘Mommy, do I know that man?’  I have to admit that she and I were both a bit shocked at his ignorance, but it made me realize how unimportant the whole Santa concept is.  We’ve always enjoyed Christmas immensely, and Santa has no part of our celebration.P1010911

However, Christ does!  He’s what it’s all about.  And the point of this little article is this:  Why, oh why, do we feel it is so important to keep Christmas confined to a single day or week or even month?  Why do we feel we have to keep Thanksgiving and Christmas so segregated?  When I think of Thanksgiving, I absolutely LOVE that it is so close to Christmas that it can be combined into the Christmas season.  I know many godly folk want to make Thanksgiving a time of thanking God for our material blessings more than our spiritual ones, but not me!  Out of every gift God has ever given me, I am the most thankful for the gift of His Son!  And for forgiveness!  And for hope!  Yes, I’m thankful for my healthP1010910 and for food and for a roof over my head and many, many material things.  But I thank Him for all of those things every day of my life.  At Thanksgiving I like to center my thankfulness on the gift of His Son—and of salvation!

And because Christmas is such a very special part of our Thanksgiving, I love to have our home decked out as early in November as I can get to it!  While many are looking at dead leaves and rotting pumpkins, our home is glowing with the magical look of this most holy season.  And if it offends you, I’m truly sorry.  But if it helps you to understand those of us who have our homes lit up and glowing, then I’m truly glad!  Happy Thanksgiving and merry, merry Christmas to you all!P1010917


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