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Snow Days

So, I’m not a huge fan of facebook, but I check it out now and again. I saw a funny clip about a mom that was frustrated by one more snow day and the children being home and it made me remember…

When I was a child, we worked a lot! There were always, ALWAYS chores to do and today I’m thankful for the way we learned the importance of pulling our own weight and sharing the responsibility of being a family. But on snow days (which were seldom), it was sometimes a holiday for us all!

I remember one time my mother even pulled on some of Daddy’s work pants (UNDER her dress, of course!) and dressed us all up as warm as possible and we ALL went outside to make snowmen! We made a whole family of huge snowmen in our side yard, and when we were nearly finished, Daddy even came home and came out to see what we were up to. He hefted a huge head onto a snowman that was taller than him (as I remember it) and helped us finish them all with faces and arms and scarves, etc. Honestly, it’s the only time I ever remember my hard-working daddy actually playing during the day on a weekday! And I remember the laughter and squeals.

I also remember being snowed in and Mother stopping her work to pop popcorn and gather us all around the kitchen table to read books and munch popcorn and play games. Mother also rarely quit working on the household chores, so this was a very special memory for me. It was a party I’ll remember my whole life!

I wonder sometimes what my boys remember about snow days. I remember them sledding around our field behind the house, and when they were small I remember them making tunnels and driving their trucks through and building igloos, but I can’t remember if I went out with them to make snowmen and play in it with them. I hope I did, but I do remember being delighted at having snow days for them to get to have an unexpected holiday. I hope snow days are happy memories for them as they are for me.

Unfortunately, our society today has become so focused on our own plans and our own schedules that snow days have become a burden to be endured instead of a gift to be enjoyed. What is so miserable about curling up in front of a warm fire and reading a good book while the snow piles up outside? Why must we ALWAYS be ‘on the go?’ Maybe snow is God’s way of slowing us down a bit and teaching us to enjoy this precious gift of a day to rest and enjoy one another instead of intensely pushing on.

Whatever your focus or situation, if you are blessed to live where there is snow, I would encourage you to enjoy it! If you have children home from school, make a party out of it! You’d be surprised how those good memories will help shape them into happy, well-adjusted people. Instead of rolling your eyes and gritting your teeth, try thanking God for the beauty of it all! And then…go build a snowman!!!

Snow Worship Lessons


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Gentle Winter

Winter has finally arrived and once again I am amazed at the change it makes in our crazy world. I sit here on the sofa in front of a blazing fire and listen snuggly to the silence outside. And silence inside.

The skies are white as the huge snowflakes fall heavily onto the already fallen snow that covers the world in bright white beauty. Even the birds are silent today. I love the restfulness of it.

Early this morning Rick and I dressed and went over to our local McDonalds that is unlike any McDonalds I’ve ever seen. It is ‘the’ gathering place in our small town and is only a few blocks from our home. A number of ‘regulars’ were there. We love going and being spoken to and known—to a certain extent. The cashiers know not only what we like, but how we like it! They have the best biscuits and gravy and the best coffee and when you get that combination served up with friendly smiles by polite people surrounded with a sense of community and acceptance and welcome—it makes for one of the best breakfasts anywhere and a glorious start to a wonderful day.

Eventually, we came back home—cup of coffee in hand—to our own cozy quiet place to spend time with the Lord and each other. As I opened my Bible I realized how very blessed I am to be a child of the King, married to my favorite person in the whole world, with precious children and grandchildren out there safe and snug in their own homes while I sit here listening to my Father speak lovingly to me from the oh-so-familiar pages of the Letter He left to guide me and help me while the peace and silence that is winter surrounds me. This is rest in the truest sense of the word. And this is what I love about winter.P1010086

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