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This is the time of the year when we tend to make pledges or resolutions or set goals for the year ahead and possibly even lifetime changes we want to make we tend to begin at the beginning of a year.  So many times we think of turning a calendar page and seeing only empty pages of potential ahead, but the truth is, when we turn that page we may not have much scheduled yet, but we are certainly not entering the year unencumbered!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if leaving the old year behind meant we were leaving all our emotional baggage and mistakes behind also?

I began my year this year with a horrible error that hurt someone’s feelings deeply.  Never mind that my intention was to encourage and bring hope.  It didn’t work out that way at all, and the worst part is that the offended dearly loved one is casting aside years of love and fun and good times for bitterness and unforgiveness.

Throughout this week of praying and seeking forgiveness, I am learning new lessons about forgiveness for myself!  I realized anew that when I don’t forgive, I’m not hurting the one needing forgiveness anywhere close to the way I am hurting myself!  Through it all I have made a new determination for myself:  I am never again going to allow someone to add to my ‘baggage’ by not forgiving them.  If they didn’t mean offense (which I believe is the norm), I’m letting them ‘off the hook’ and telling them ‘no worries!’  Life is too short to carry hurt when I can simply let it go.  If they did mean offense, the best way to ‘punish’ them is to not be offended!

I don’t know about you, but I love to be loved.  I long to be forgiven and have all my mistakes forgotten.  It’s probably never going to happen, but I CAN do it for others!  And I’m going to do it!

And so…if you know me and have ever hurt me in any way—intentional or not—my gift to you and to me right now is this:  You’re forgiven!  And I love you!  Happy New Year!!!


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