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Goodbye, Vinton

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 7½ years since Rick and I made the trek halfway across the United States to make a new home in Vinton, VA. We moved here to be closer to our adult children, and within the first year of arriving here we were richly rewarded by being made grandparents for the first time. Since coming, our two sons and their dear wives have blessed us with three grandsons and three granddaughters, so our move was definitely worthwhile! How very delightful it is to be close enough to them to get to be an active part of their lives!

It was a bit of a rough start for me when we first settled in so far from all our loved ones in Indiana. Even though we were closer to our children, we were still a four-hour drive from either family, so mostly we were dropped into a town full of total strangers. However, what God had prepared ahead of time for us was that this must be the friendliest town in the world, and oh! How I needed that!

While we were still unloading the moving vans one neighbor came over with a basket filled with goodies and a heart full of cheerful welcome! And through the past seven plus years, we have become friends with pretty much everyone around us, and what an amazing neighborhood (and town) this is! I never dreamed of such a place! Our neighborhood reminds me much of the way life used to be ½ century ago when neighbors visited over the fence and took care of one another as a family. That’s exactly what happens in our neighborhood, and I love it! I am going to miss these people terribly and will always cherish fond memories in my heart.

This town is amazing! I never mind paying our town taxes here, because we can literally see that money working every day of the year! There are police driving through the neighborhoods on a regular basis, just keeping an eye on things. The town picks up all our trash, and until just recently (due to some pests called vultures) even provided a location for trash to be put into large trailers for times when you’re cleaning up extra, or leaving on vacation and don’t want to leave trash out in front of your house. They even sweep our streets on a regular basis and pick up all leaves and brush that are raked to the edge of the road. It’s the absolute tidiest town I’ve ever seen!

But now Rick’s retired and our oldest son and his family have moved closer but still an hour away from us, and have encouraged us to move even closer to them since we are raising grass-fed steers together on their 40 acres. We have sold our home here in Vinton now and this week will move across to the other side of Roanoke (Salem) to be nearly ½ hour closer to the farm, but still close enough to enjoy the church we love so dearly in Roanoke, and to hopefully stay in touch with the many friends we have made. It will be great to be close to the farm and to our grandchildren, and I sincerely look forward to many of the changes this move will make for us such as no more stairs and no more hills to mow! But one thing’s for sure: Our years in Vinton will always be remembered with a smile. I miss this town already!


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