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The Reason

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes it’s hard to know which direction to take.  Sometimes we feel all alone and frightened and forgotten, even though God has promised, “I am with you always.”  Sometimes, I feel like Job—overwhelmed with merciless burdens for no apparent reason.

And that’s a big key word.  Reason.  That’s what humanity’s sense of stability is based on.  We need a reason for everything.  It’s a motivation to keep searching for the answers; looking for the reason.  Why were we created? Why is there evil in the world? Why are we treated unjustly?  Why do some people seem to have all the luck?  Why did you just do what you did?  Can you give me a reason?

I remember being scolded as a child, and likewise scolding my own children with those very words.  But do I really, REALLY always have a reason?  Short of the mere fact that I am human and wont to err, the answer would be ‘no’ to that question as it regards me.  I often err with no intention of erring. Sometimes I even do good without reason!  (Unfortunately, not as often as I do wrong.)

I’ve been reading Job for the past number of weeks, and I’m always amazed at the effort Job’s friends (?) go to in trying to give a reason for his misery and losses.  It’s human nature, I think. to believe that ‘affect’ always has a ‘cause’.  But in reality, it does not.  At least not humanly speaking.

Sometimes it does.  You play with a bee, you’ll more than likely get stung.  You give someone a nice gift, you’ll more than likely be thanked, and even liked!  You jump out of the boat not being able to swim, you’ll probably drown.  But not always.  Sometimes you do good to someone, and you get evil in return.  Sometimes you give graciously, only to have it snatched away and treated as though it was deserved.  Sometimes you err, and you are graciously forgiven.

In reading the book of Job this time I am reminded anew:  God doesn’t have to have a reason that makes sense to me.  And sometimes, He may have a reason that He withholds from me for the simple reason that He wants me to trust Him.  Can I trust Him completely?  Can I always be obedient, even when I don’t know why something is required of me?  All I can say is, ‘Only by the grace of God, my friend!  Only by the grace of God.’


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