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What an ugly topic, you say!  Why would anyone want to read something entitled ‘Sin’?  Well, maybe they won’t, but the truth is, it’s a disease we all struggle with—probably me more than most.

Our pastor often speaks of our wayward hearts and gives us opportunity each week for confession and prayer to plead for God’s forgiveness and cleansing.  He often mentions different sins in his messages, but I’ve seldom heard him mention one I feel is maybe our most prevalent sin—at least it is for me—and that is covetousness.  And here’s a public, true confession:  I am CONSTANTLY wanting more than the bounty God has given to me!  I’m always wanting bigger and better.

Now, my real weakness is property and a nicer house.  God has given us a lovely home in a quiet neighborhood that little by little we have been able to make into a lovely little garden spot.  But I want more!  I want acres!  I want three full baths.  I want a bigger dining room.  I want more cupboard space.  I want a laundry room on the main floor.  I want, I want, I want!

I often hear of peoples’ tendency to be lured into the world of pornography and that it’s apparently very easy to access and give in to that temptation now online.  That holds no temptation for me at all.  However, I wonder how many share my secret sin of looking at homes and properties for sale online.  Bigger homes than I can afford.  Lovelier homes than I’ve ever had.  How much of my thought time is wasted on daydreaming about decorating such a place?  In God’s eyes, is that not just as serious a sin?  Is that not a double sin of covetousness and an ungrateful heart?  How many, many times have I told myself to stop looking?  To stop daydreaming about owning something I’ll never be able to afford?

Maybe you’re grinning now and saying, “Come on, Judi!  That’s nowhere near as bad a sin as pornography or murder or thieving or……..”  But I wonder how God sees it?  How often He speaks in His Word of ungrateful hearts!   Today as I looked at a lovely home that’s for sale in the area where we’d love to live, the birds outside my window sang loudly until I looked up.  I looked out to where they fed near the pergola surrounded by gorgeous gardens in colorful bloom.  I’ve been having at least 6 different gorgeous woodpeckers this winter and spring, along with the cardinals and chickadees and thrushes and wrens and lots and lots of goldfinches.  We’ve worked hard on this little property and it’s gorgeous.  It truly is.  So why does my heart yearn for more?  Why am I never satisfied?

Today I have decided to focus on Psalm 107: 8 and 9 instead of what I wish for.  “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”  I believe being satisfied is a choice.  He has been so very generous with me, and now I CHOOSE to be satisfied.  My goal is to be satisfied forever, but I’ll start with today!


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Today I received a call from our son that just moved about 1/2 hour’s drive away from us instead of the 4 1/2 hours distance we’ve had in the past.  We were planning a shopping excursion and when we hung up I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking God for how blessed I am.

Being the mother of two sons, I always wondered what it would be like to have girls to do ‘girl’ things with such as gardening together, shopping together, sharing cooking/baking ideas and recipes and just enjoying life together as women.  Well, now I know!  It’s WONDERFUL!

Now I have to admit that there was this secret little selfish part of my heart that sort of hoped our sons would marry orphans who would accept us as their parents with open arms and that we would have this wonderful relationship of being their substitute parents.  But they didn’t!  Both of our daughters-in-law have wonderful godly parents that love them completely.

However, I’ve learned a lot in the past few years.  I’ve figured out that their wonderful parents have also gained some wonderful sons.  They love our boys as much as Rick and I love their daughters.  As I thought about the whole situation I realized that what we are actually doing now is co-parenting our grown children and we don’t even get in one another’s way!  And the best part is that we not only share our children, we share our grandchildren as well.  It gives me a very special bond with some very special people–these co-parents!  And I find I’m very thankful our precious daughters were not orphans after all!


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